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In the world of photography, it is well-known the impact the reflection in the eye can have on the image: some call it a catch-light or a sparkle in the eye. In filmmaking, we can greatly enhance the visual appeal by creating reflections in the eyes.

Reflections in the eyes can be the result of the lighting on the face, or, the eyes can be independently lit with lights used to create specific reflections. These reflections can be achieved in different shapes, with attention to the positioning of the reflection within the eyes. Reflections can also be created in different colours. The result achieved is dependent on the type of lights used, the positioning of these lights, and also the curvature on the eye of the subject. Different eye shapes and the colour of the eyes will result in differences with the reflections.

For cinematographers, we can achieve beautiful results and greatly enhance the image by working with the reflections in the eye. This is a deep subject, which The Light in your Eye only touches on. The purpose of this film is to inspire those who shoot and light, to spend a little time to look at the reflections in the eye, and how this can be used to effect – and also to provide some insight into how these reflections can be created, controlled and shaped.

The Light in your Eye shows many different examples of reflections in the eyes, the effort which has gone into creating the results and the equipment used in the lighting process.



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