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DEC 2015


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Best of Movie Machine 2015 (part 1)
A look back at the best movies run on Movie Machine throughout 2015. Featuring the JVC GY-HM200, Blackmagic URSA, investigation of the dedolight system, and how to create silky smooth time lapses.
Shooting with the JVC GY-HM200: 4K handheld camcorder
Testing out the GY-HM200, filming 4K, in a variety of shooting situations. The compact camera provides for 4K recording at 150mbps, or HD at 24/25/30/50/60P. With a 12x zoom lens, optical image stabiliser and 24x dynamic zoom in HD mode, the GY-HM200also includes dual XLR audio inputs, an integrated handle with hot shoe and microphone mount, and SDI and HDMI video outputs.
Shooting with Blackmagic URSA
Out on the streets, testing URSA to see how this camera shapes up. This is a production camera, designed for crews, yet also one person can command this camera. So whats it like to work with, is it manageable, can one person run around all day and shoot with this. Rick Young puts URSA to test on the streets of London and gives his verdict on how this camera feels in the hands.
dedolight: in the words of great cinematographers
In this 27 minute documentary cinematographers at the highest level talk about dedolight and what it is that separates these lights from other lights on the market.

The key feature about dedolight, mentioned time and time again, is the optical quality which these lights offer. This applies to all dedolights: from the original DLH4 focussing to light, to the modern PanAura, DLED2, DLED4. Many of these lights work with projector attachments. The dedolights are unique and of the highest build quality. All dedolights provide excellent colour rendition and light which is controllable like no other system on the planet.
The Living Years – Paul Carrack
Filmed with one camera in a singe take, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. A huge thanks to Paul Carrack for allowing this live performance to be filmed! These kind of shoots dont come along very often.
Silky-smooth timelapse: filming Sydney at dusk
Chasing a shot against the fading light, we head out to Kirrabilli, the side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge opposite the city.

I last filmed at this location in 1998. another time, with very different technology. This time Im back with friends and co-workers and were having fun shooting timelapse, still photographs, and enjoying the process of image creation.


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