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JUN 2016


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Telestream Announces ScreenFlow 6.0 Screen Recording and Editing Software
>> Tele stream have announced ScreenFlow 6.0. ScreenFlows intuitive design lets anyone create high quality video tutorials, marketing videos or professional screencast video productions with ease.

ScreenFlow version 6.0 adds a variety of new features that give users more flexibility in recording, more powerful editing features, and more options for exporting their videos.

New in version 6.0, the Partial Screen Capture feature enables precise focus on a particular region of interest or window, providing enhanced emphasis and clarity for viewers with smaller screens. While editing, users can now create complex motion animation effects with just a few clicks; mix and adjust up to 16 discreet channels of audio recorded from a USB mixer; and set ScreenFlow to continuously record in a defined-time loop. Additionally, with version 6 users can now export animated GIFs, utilize new ProRes encoding options, and publish to the Telestream Cloud service.

“ScreenFlow was built for educators, trainers, marketers, app developers, gamers, and anyone needing to communicate a dynamic multi-media message,” said Barbara DeHart, VP Desktop Business. “We continue to evolve, simplify and expand the power of ScreenFlow so our users can create professional video tutorials, marketing videos or screencast video content that hold viewers’ attention.”

Key Features in ScreenFlow 6.0

Partial Screen Capture
Record any part of the screen. Capture just a single application window, define a region, or record the entire desktop. Now users can capture only the content that is relevant, saving valuable editing time.
Video Motion Effects
Choose from three new motion-animated effects Spring, Gravity, Pulse. Users can click to apply these effects to their clips and create professional-looking animations without the hassle of selecting key frames or writing custom code.
Multi-Channel Audio Mixer
ScreenFlow now recognizes and records multiple audio channel inputs from USB mixers. Record up to 16 discreet audio channels from a single USB input, and mix and adjust them separately in ScreenFlows inspector.
Animated GIF Export
Create GIFs right from your ScreenFlow projects. Enables export of short animations for the web, memes, tutorials or social sharing. Helps you create video for the web that universally supported by most browsers. Quick and easy for simple content.
Updated and Improved User Interface
New icons in the timeline and canvas for greater control. Users can mute video or audio on a track independently, use a quick-access pop-up to set project dimensions, and mute audio monitors with a new headphone button.
iOS Audio Monitoring
Listen to an iOS devices audio simultaneously capturing and recording it. Great for mobile gamers, app developers, musicians anyone who needs to demo an app where audio is a crucial part of the operation.
New Editing Option, Replace Clip
Swap clips in the timeline without changing the overall duration of a segment, or resetting in- and out-points on the new clip.
ProRes 422 and 422LT Export
Export to more ProRes profiles for greater control over output size and quality.
Loop Recording
Set ScreenFlow to create a rolling recording buffer to enable the ability to record for hours without taking up all available hard drive space. Users can stop the recording at any time and ScreenFlow will only keep the last x number of minutes of recorded footage that was defined upon setup. Helpful for reporting intermittent computer or application issues.
Publish to Telestream Cloud
Direct export to Telestream Cloud, Telestreams online, on-demand, pay-as-you-go encoding service. Let Telestream Cloud create as many versions and formats of the video as needed.

ScreenFlow 6.0 is available from the Telestream store for $99. Customers who have previously purchased ScreenFlow on can purchase an upgrade for $34. ScreenFlow is also available for purchase through a network of Telestream resellers and affiliates, as well as on the Mac App Store.


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