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NOV 2016


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SpeedScriber from Digital Heaven brings automated transcripts to Final Cut Pro X
>> Digital Heaven has announced that SpeedScriber now supports one-way and roundtrip integration with Final Cut Pro X.

SpeedScriber is an exciting advance in automated transcription for content creators, providing high-accuracy transcriptions (typically 90-99%) from audio or video files in real-time or faster. The SpeedScriber Mac app allow users to quickly make corrections then output transcripts to print, PDF, plain text, .srt (for captioning) and now Final Cut Pro X.

SpeedScriber is currently beta testing with public release planned for January 2017. Integrations with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro are in development.

Documentary filmmakers, journalists, audio and video producers all depend on reliable transcripts of their files, whether it be an interview for editing purposes or a text version of the finished product. While there are several web-based transcription services on the market, they generally offer turnaround times of 24 hours or more. SpeedScriber provides affordable and high-accuracy automated transcripts delivered in real-time or faster (a 60 minute file is typically transcribed in less than 10 minutes).

The latest beta version of SpeedScriber includes support for one-way and round trip workflows:

One-Way Workflow
Files are imported directly into the SpeedScriber Mac app and submitted for transcribing. Once complete, any desired corrections are made and the file can be sent to Final Cut Pro X.

Round Trip Workflow
This provides more flexibility and allows transcripts to be added to clips at any stage. Using the unique power of Final Cut Pro X’s keywords, desired clips are tagged with the “ss pending” keyword and the parent Library is dragged from the Browser to SpeedScriber. Any clips to be transcribed are automatically identified and any clips that are known to be complete are simultaneously sent back to Final Cut Pro X with the transcript data. All of this happens transparently with minimal interaction by the user. Using keyword collections, the user can see at any time, which clips are still to be submitted and which clips are currently being processed by SpeedScriber.

With both workflows, the transcript is converted into keyword ranges. The speaker name becomes the keyword name and the transcript itself is shown in the Notes column. Usefully, any highlighted sections in the transcript are converted to Favorite ranges so they can be easily found in Final Cut Pro X.


  • Get transcripts in real-time or faster, not hours or days.
  • Uses industry-leading automatic speech recognition technology for high-accuracy transcripts (typically 90-99% accurate for good quality recordings of English speakers).
  • Supports English language speakers with American, Australian or British accents and detection of different speakers plus capitalisation and punctuation.
  • Automatic timestamps at regular intervals.
  • Unique tools for quickly making speaker, word and punctuation corrections to transcripts.
  • Print or export transcripts to PDF, .srt (for captioning) and Final Cut Pro X. Integration with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro is in development.

Digital Heaven has been developing plug-ins and apps for the video editing market since 2003. SpeedScriber marks the company’s first venture into an on-demand service coupled with a custom Mac app.

SpeedScriber requires macOS 10.10 Yosemite (or later). Final Cut Pro X 10.3 (or later) is required for one-way and round trip workflows.

Pricing and availability
SpeedScriber is currently in beta testing with public release planned for January 2017. Applications for early access during the beta testing period can be made at Beta testers get 30 minutes of free transcribing time and can purchase additional minutes for $0.50/minute with minimum purchase of 30 minutes and volume discounts.


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