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Filmed with many different cameras

Duration: 04:48 - Added: 03/03/2017

We spend so much time obsessing over the camera, the codec, all the technical details which make up the image, when really composition, framing, correct exposure, lens choice, can be far more important that which camera is used. That's the point of this video - to show, regardless of...


Shooting with Steadicam Solo

Plays: 349 - Duration: 09:02 - Added: 26/05/2016

This report was filmed with Steadicam Solo and shows many of the bigger Steadicam's in action, combined with an interview with long-term Steadicam operator/expert, Jerry Holway. Jerry Holway has been a Steadicam operator for 30 years, with many feature film credits including Donnie B...


Story of the Cinesaddle: light-weight camera mount

Plays: 495 - Duration: 09:44 - Added: 07/05/2016

The legendary Cinekinetic Cinesaddle has been on the market for close to 30 years. This has become established as a must have camera accessory, with every mobile production equipment truck in Hollywood having at least one Cinesaddle on-board. The Cinesaddle has been used for many of ...


CoreMelt Demo: SliceX, TrackX and Lock & Load

Duration: 07:33 - Added: 28/08/2015

This demo shows the power of the CoreMelt plugins, with full masking, tracking, and the ability to track flares and glows. Also featured is Lock & Load, the CoreMelt image stabilizer renowned for being the world's fastest video stabilizer with fantastic quality.


High-Class lighting in a small studio space

Plays: 840 - Duration: 11:34 - Added: 01/02/2015

Step into the world of cinematographer Ian Murray and see how he transforms a small studio space into a classy, beautifully lit set, using only 3 lights. The lights at work are the dedolight PanAura 5, dedolight 400 with projector attachment, and dedolight 650. The entire piece was ...


Lessons in Lighting: extending natural light

Plays: 1974 - Duration: 03:16 - Added: 11/08/2014

When lighting it can be just as important to take into account the natural light in a scene, as well as how to position and make use of artificial light. For many situations, the natural light needs to be supplemented or extended. In this video, a 4 light setup is shown, using 3 x de...


Quick and easy Chroma Key lighting

Plays: 362 - Duration: 09:44 - Added: 28/07/2014

Chroma Key lighting doesn’t need to be difficult. By using a few simple techniques, from working with one light, to 3 lights, it is possible to quickly create good result. This video piece focusses on simple and effective techiques to light for chroma key. Keep in mind, the availa...


Lessons in Lighting: lighting against hard daylight

Plays: 369 - Duration: 07:56 - Added: 13/07/2014

Lighting against hard daylight can be a challenge for those filming on location. You need the right equipment to make it work. In this video piece, using 2 lights: a dedolight DLED2 and a Felloni LED bicolour, we show how to turn a silhouette into a well-lit subject Using Sony S-Log...


Making of a Photograph

Duration: 01:20 - Added: 06/03/2014

This piece captures the setting up and effort that goes into the creation of a single photograph. Using the dedolight PanAura 7 and several other dedolights, we witness the photographer at work, crafting and sculpting light to bring out the best of the model at the centre of the phot...


James Tonkin: DaVinci Resolve 10

Plays: 2052 - Duration: 32:18 - Added: 20/09/2013

**Recorded at the IBC SuperMeet, Amsterdam, September 15, 2013** James Tonkin shows the forthcoming DaVinci Resolve 10, along with footage shot with the new Pocket Cinema Camera and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. He provides a close look at DaVinci Resolve 10's new functionality and f...



Plays: 1382 - Duration: 13:32 - Added: 31/12/2012

Recorded live at BVE North, Manchester, November 13, 2012 (part 2) Part 2 shows an investigation into what can be achieved using RAW files recorded with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, basic demonstration to show how to get started with DaVinci Resolve. Of all the products to have com...


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