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Sony have unveiled their next-generation Optical Disc Archive storage system. The system, which provides guaranteed inter-generational compatibility and ultra-reliable long-term storage, is at the heart of Sony’s vision to create a complete archiving solution for broadcasters, motion picture companies and production houses.

Optical Disc Media
A variety of high capacity media cartridges are available for the Optical Disc Archive system, from 300GB to 1.5TB. Each cartridge allows random file access using the Universal Disc Format (UDF) system. Optimised for ultra-long term media archiving, the cartridges have an estimated 50 year lifespan and are built to withstand changes in temperature and humidity, and resist dust and water droplets. Each cartridge has a built-in RFID to check the contents of the media with mobile devices for efficient asset management, such as cartridge loaning, stocktaking and shelf archiving.

Drive Unit
Equipped with a USB 3.0 interface, the ODS-D55U drive unit is flexible, reliable and easy to set up. To help users organize their media assets, the ODS-D55U is equipped with Sony’s simple management software solution, Content Manager. By automatically extracting metadata and storing it in a database, Content Manager allows users to quickly search, browse and retrieve files. The ODS-D55U drive unit with one Content Manager license will be available in the European market from October.

XDCAM Archive
Since its launch in 2010, XDCAM Archive has been widely adopted across the world as a powerful file-based content and archive management system that is ideal for small to medium sized A/V businesses.

Released in December 2012, version 1.6 will enable users to connect XDCAM Archive to Sony’s Optical Disc Archive system, creating a versatile solution for businesses that operate a shelf-based archive system.

Robotic Library
As part of its optical disc product road map, Sony gave IBC attendees a glimpse at the ODS-L10, a compact robotic library that is planned to be available in the beginning of 2013. Comprising of two drives that contain a total of ten 1.5TB media cartridges, the library will be able to store up to 15TB of data, all in one 19-inch rack mount unit.
In addition to the compact version, Sony is also currently developing a larger and expandable robotic library that will be launched in late 2013.

Collaboration with other manufacturers
In order to promote the optical disc archive system, Sony is collaborating with ten manufacturers in a number of related business areas including storage media, library robotics, middle ware and application software. These manufacturers are as follows:

Adobe, ASG-Atempo, AVID, Dalet, Front Porch Digital, Harris, SGL, Square Box Systems Ltd, TDK Corporation, Vizrt



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