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This Felloni Tecpro 15° Standard Bicolor LED Light runs on 324 LEDs and has a spot beam angle which makes it ideal for longer throw applications or situations requiring higher output. The narrow beam angle is also perfect for controlling spill light and for edge or side lighting purposes. The bicolor LEDs are variable in fine steps from 3200 – 5600K covering the tungsten to daylight balance range. This is the perfect light when speedy setup is of paramount importance. You can forget about fumbling with gels and gaffer’s tape and just start shooting. The 1 × 1’, 4.4 lb panel is virtually heat-free, so you can squeeze it into places where other lights just can’t go without worrying about harming the talent. It’s also rainproof and upgradable with the purchase of an LCD dimmer or DMX module. A wireless DMX module is in the works.

  • 30% more light than competitors’ Standard version
  • 50% less power consumption than competitive products: 24 W instead of 50W
  • Improved color rendition over competitive products: up to CRI 84 instead of 74
  • Distance Diffuser reduces glare noticeably and provides identical light output with the diffuser on, to the Felloni’s main competitive product without a diffuser. Bottom line: more power.
  • AC adapter included
  • Magnetic front frame for filter holder strips
  • V-Mount and D-Tap battery interfaces
  • Rainproof

The standard (on board) dimmer module is detachable and attached to an 8’ (2.5 m) cable, may be used as a remote wired hand dimmer.

The Felloni can be upgraded with an LCD dimmer or DMX module. A wireless module is in the works and will afford dimming control over 512 channels.



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