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Walter Murch 2015: before & after Apocalypse Now

Duration: 04:18 - Added: 27/12/2015

This is the final part of the 2015 interview with Walter Murch. The question is asked to Walter what the highlights are of his career, and what stands out. Walter's answer, like so many other subjects, is fascinating and deeply entrenched in film history and technology development. Wa...


Walter Murch 2015: film to digital

Duration: 07:34 - Added: 13/12/2015

In this, Part 3 of the 2015 interview, Walter talks about the impact that digital has had on filmmaking. Not only the change in granular structure, from celluloid to ones and zeros, the impact of digital has changed the filmmaking process in other ways. When everything was shot on fil...


Walter Murch 2015: 4K technology and beyond

Plays: 2303 - Duration: 12:32 - Added: 21/10/2015

In this, the second part of the 2015 interview with Walter Murch, Walter talks about the technological changes we have seen over many decades, and how these have affected the filmmaking process. Walter comments on 4K, now widely available to both professionals and consumers, and how t...


Walter Murch 2015: FCPX, Avid, Premiere Pro

Plays: 12543 - Duration: 24:09 - Added: 12/10/2015

Walter Murch speaks openly about the state of play of the major editing systems in use in 2015. In the aftermath of the end-of-life of the original Final Cut Pro, there are 3 main systems used by professionals: Abobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer. Walter p...


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