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Filmed with many different cameras

Duration: 04:48 - Added: 03/03/2017

We spend so much time obsessing over the camera, the codec, all the technical details which make up the image, when really composition, framing, correct exposure, lens choice, can be far more important that which camera is used. That's the point of this video - to show, regardless of...


Filmed with many different cameras... Revealed, which camera filmed which shots

Plays: 462 - Duration: 02:32 - Added: 18/02/2014

Uploaded on Movie Machine over a week ago, this piece has drawn some discussion as to how much difference the camera makes. It's been said before that "content trumps quality every time" meaning if the content is engaging, the viewer couldn't care less about which camera did the film...


Filmed with many different cameras... guess which camera filmed which shots

Plays: 619 - Duration: 02:32 - Added: 08/02/2014

The above movie has been filmed with many different camera - from affordable to high-end cameras. Check out the shots and give it your best guess as to which camera has been used to film which shots. email: editor@moviemachine.tv A little bit of information - the following camera...


Essential lens mounts and adapters. Mike Tapa, MTF Services

Duration: 10:40 - Added: 29/12/2013

When it comes to lens converters and adapters those built and designed by MTF have a reputation as being the best money can buy. These are precision items, guaranteed to work under the rigours of the broadcast and digital cinema world. MTF are innovators in this field, producing non-e...


James Tonkin - shooting with RED Epic

Plays: 637 - Duration: 04:26 - Added: 23/11/2013

Register to attend the Movie Machine Digital Cinema Festival and see James's cinema presentation, featuring footage filmed with RED Epic, on the big screen. http://www.moviemachine.tv/digital-cinema-festival/ London based filmmaker, James Tonkin of Hangman Studios, tells why he pur...


Filmed using the Blackmagic Cinema Camera - One Night in Barcelona

Plays: 8219 - Duration: 14:07 - Added: 13/11/2012

Was working on a job in Barcelona and I'd brought the Blackmagic Cinema Camera along to test. Not much opportunity for testing, the job was busy as can be. Shooting all day, long records to be encoded and uploaded. A lot of recording of presentations. Many different cameras being used...


Cinematographer John Brawley: impressions of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Plays: 2480 - Duration: 15:22 - Added: 27/09/2012

Having been involved with Blackmagic Design throughout the development, John has had an inside look at this camera from the early prototype stages though to the final release. John is experienced with many different cameras, from film to the extreme high end; his thoughts regarding t...


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