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CoreMelt: SliceX, TrackX, and DriveX, for Final Cut Pro X

Duration: 11:56 - Added: 27/03/2016

Roger Bolton of CoreMelt runs through the key plugins offered to users of Final Cut Pro X. Plenty of examples to show just what can be achieved with these plugins. *Slice X*: Instant shape tracking powered by mocha's Academy Award winning planar tracking engine. Just draw a shape an...


CoreMelt Demo: SliceX, TrackX and Lock & Load

Duration: 07:33 - Added: 28/08/2015

This demo shows the power of the CoreMelt plugins, with full masking, tracking, and the ability to track flares and glows. Also featured is Lock & Load, the CoreMelt image stabilizer renowned for being the world's fastest video stabilizer with fantastic quality.


Lessons in Lighting: lighting against hard daylight

Plays: 369 - Duration: 07:56 - Added: 13/07/2014

Lighting against hard daylight can be a challenge for those filming on location. You need the right equipment to make it work. In this video piece, using 2 lights: a dedolight DLED2 and a Felloni LED bicolour, we show how to turn a silhouette into a well-lit subject Using Sony S-Log...


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