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Shooting the solar eclipse 2015: BMCC & Nikon 80-400mm

Plays: 549 - Duration: 04:09 - Added: 20/03/2015

There is something magical about an eclipse. The solar eclipse of March 2015 is an event which won’t occur on this scale in the UK again until 2026, so I thought worth filming and documenting this. The question is which camera to use - I could use one with a Super 35mm sensor, ho...


dedolight: in the words of great cinematographers

Plays: 421 - Duration: 27:00 - Added: 14/02/2015

In this 27 minute documentary cinematographers at the highest level talk about dedolight and what it is that separates these lights from other lights on the market. Key cinematographers featured in this documentary: *Billy Williams* - Credits include: Gandhi (Winner Academy Award Ci...


Another Night in Barcelona: filmed with BM Pocket Camera

Plays: 879 - Duration: 10:04 - Added: 20/12/2014

2 years ago I shot a short film titled *One Night in Barcelona*. Filmed with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, this was test footage to see how well the camera would perform on the streets, in the bars of Barcelona, at night with only available light. Everything shot RAW, the test footage...


Lens test: Tamron Superzoom to Wide 18-250mm

Duration: 02:51 - Added: 12/12/2014

It was too tempting to pass up, a used lens for only £119, (Sterling) a Superzoom of 18-250mm. On my Super 35mm camera that would would equal, in photography terms 27-375mm. That's a very appealing Focal length. The big question is would the zoom perform. The lens manufacturer is Ta...


Zeiss: Photographic and Cinema Lenses

Plays: 742 - Duration: 06:14 - Added: 02/10/2014

Zeiss is known in the world of photography and cinematography for producing absolutely first-class lenses. In this interview with Paul Longley, National Sales Manager, UK, for Carl Zeiss Ltd, we specifically focus on what it is which separates the photographic lens from the cinema le...


Phantom Flex 4K - highspeed digital cinema camera

Plays: 570 - Duration: 16:41 - Added: 19/07/2014

Designed for the cinematographer, the Phantom Flex4K is a high-speed camera providing exceptional flexibility through its frame rate capabilities and by adapting to different shooting styles. The super-35mm 4K sensor provides sharp, detailed images with extremely low noise and high dy...


Made in England - filmed with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Plays: 4322 - Duration: 03:35 - Added: 31/08/2013

Shoot number 2 with the Blackmagic Pocket Camera. I'm armed with my Nikon 80-200mm F2.8 D lens. All the D lenses have aperture rings. On the long end of the lens, taking crop factor into account, that means I’m shooting at around 560mm. Nice! I’m going to film the horses again. ...


New York City: Night and Day. Filmed with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Plays: 7245 - Duration: 12:10 - Added: 19/07/2013

I land in New York 4 hours late. Weather held up flights across the US and we were sitting on the tarmac for hours unsure whether we were going to be able to fly or not. The dreaded words that the flight may have to be cancelled had been mentioned. However, luck was with us, and even ...


Red Giant: demo of Bulletproof

Duration: 13:22 - Added: 07/07/2013

BulletProof is a complete media prep and delivery solution for footage that simplifies the tedious tasks facing filmmakers every day on set. Bridging the gap between camera and editor, BulletProof combines all backup, organization, color and delivery tasks while handling footage from ...


Stu Maschwitz previews Bulletproof by Red Giant

Plays: 3896 - Duration: 21:13 - Added: 06/06/2013

Recorded at the NAB SuperMeet, Las Vegas, April 9, 2013. Watch the brilliant presentation by Stu Maschwitz about Red Giant’s new tool for digital filmmakers, Bulletproof. Bulletproof is an organizational tool which enables you to ingest and tag media, color correct on-set, and orga...


Shooting with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera Part 2: Canon and Nikon lens tests, using external batteries

Plays: 46425 - Duration: 15:34 - Added: 23/11/2012

*I was in Australia when I got my hands on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Footage in this report was filmed in Australia and then later in the UK. The was new unexplored territory. I’d never worked with RAW, the last time I shot film was in 1992, and suddenly, in my hands, was someth...


Interchangeable lenses on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT

Plays: 12025 - Duration: 10:16 - Added: 14/09/2012

Mike Tapa of MTF www.mtfservices.com meets up with Stuart Ashton of Blackmagic Design - to investigate using MTF adapters with the, just announced, Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT (micro four thirds.) What they find is that Mike Tapa's MTF adapters fit perfectly to the micro four thirds...


Atomos Ninja 2 ProRes and DNxHD recorder

Plays: 658 - Duration: 08:30 - Added: 20/08/2012

Atomos, the creator of the Ninja and Samurai field recorders, has shown the brand new Ninja 2, which features HDMI input and output, as well as support for the latest version (3.0) of the unique AtomOS operating system. “We first showcased Ninja at NAB 2011 and just a y...


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