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CAME-SINGLE Gimbal in action

Plays: 1080 - Duration: 12:35 - Added: 11/12/2016

On test, the CAME-SINGLE Gimbal, and how this performs on location. See the results, filmed with the Panasonic GX8, with 2 Micro Four Thirds lenses: Panasonic 7-14mm F4 and Panasonic 12-35mm F2.8. The CAME-SINGLE is one of the first commercially available 3 Axis 32 bit Basecam contro...


Veydra Cinema Lenses: for MFT, E-mount, FZ mount, C mount

Plays: 858 - Duration: 13:52 - Added: 31/10/2016

Veydra cinema primes are small, light-weight, high quality prime lenses that compete in terms of qualitywith some of the high-end lenses on the market. Initially funded through a Kickstarter project, the Veydra lenses work native with the Micro Four Thirds mount. Veydra lenses are al...


JVC GY-LS300 on location: real-world shooting

Plays: 2513 - Duration: 09:47 - Added: 01/07/2016

On location in Hawaii this video shows 3 professionals onsite, working extensively with the JVC GY-LS300, and reporting of their experience using this camera in a professional environment. Plenty of examples of footage filmed with the GY-LS300 is shown, along with the commentary of th...


JVC adds Log Mode, Histogram. Cinema 4K & 2K to GY-LS300

Plays: 538 - Duration: 10:05 - Added: 17/09/2015

Recorded at IBC 2015. Gustav Emrich, Product Manager JVC Professional, runs through the latest firmware update to the JVC GY-LS300. New features to include: a JVC “Log” mode designed to replicate the look of film; new Cinema 4K and Cinema 2K recording modes; a unique Prime Zoom ...


Shooting with the JVC GY-LS300 & Micro Four Thirds Lenses

Plays: 422 - Duration: 04:33 - Added: 21/08/2015

The native mount on the GY-LS300 is Micro Four Thirds. This is an active mount, enabling electronic communication from camera to lens, enabling many functions such as: auto-iris, image stabilisation, power zoom, auto focus. Using the JVC Variable Scan Mapping technology, the image fro...


Images of Scotland 2015: filmed with the JVC GY-LS300 using Micro Four Thirds Lenses

Plays: 527 - Duration: 01:40 - Added: 19/08/2015

The following lenses were used in the filming of the above movie: Olympus 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 Olympus 12-40mm F2.8 Panasonic 14-140mm f4.0-5.8 Panasonic 100-300mm f4.0-5.6


One of a kind - shooting with the JVC GY-LS300

Plays: 2314 - Duration: 17:48 - Added: 19/07/2015

The JVC GY-LS300 camcorder is one of a kind! This is the smallest, full-featured 4K camcorder on the market, with Super 35mm sensor, professional audio inputs and controls, and accessible switches for accessing key functions. For those who have used high-end professional cameras, thi...


Using B4 lenses on the Blackmagic Studio Camera

Plays: 3414 - Duration: 04:00 - Added: 10/01/2015

The Blackmagic Studio Camera natively features a Micro Four Thirds Mount. Broadcast B4 lenses can be fitted to the Studio Camera by using an adapter made by MTF Services. The B4 2/3" broadcast lens to Micro 4/3 adaptor is a useful way of utilizing all of your B4 mounted lenses on cam...


Tokina Cinema ATX Lenses

Plays: 1276 - Duration: 06:55 - Added: 17/11/2014

Tokina are highly regarded in the photographic world for producing high quality lenses which compete with those of the major manufacturers. Now Tokina turn their attention to the world of cinematography. Their range of cinema lenses currently features 3 zoom lenses: * 11-16mm T3 Wid...


JVC goes 4K: 4 different 4K models on show

Plays: 799 - Duration: 10:09 - Added: 26/05/2014

At NAB 2014 JVC showed 4 different 4K cameras. While they referred to these as concept cameras, it was also stated that some of these 4K cameras will be available later in 2014. Sounds like these concept cameras are fairly far along in terms of development - and not that far off from ...


Essential lens mounts and adapters. Mike Tapa, MTF Services

Duration: 10:40 - Added: 29/12/2013

When it comes to lens converters and adapters those built and designed by MTF have a reputation as being the best money can buy. These are precision items, guaranteed to work under the rigours of the broadcast and digital cinema world. MTF are innovators in this field, producing non-e...


Quick look at the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Plays: 24545 - Duration: 09:46 - Added: 12/04/2013

Certainly one of the stars of NAB 2013 is Blackmagic’s announcement of the Blackmagic Cinema Pocket Camera. This has been compared to Super 16mm in terms of sensor size, features Cinema DNG recording with 13 stops of dynamic range - and can also record ProRes (HQ). Lens can be att...


IBC 2012: Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT announced

Duration: 08:32 - Added: 14/09/2012

Interview with Peter Barber, Co-founder Blackmagic Design Recorded at IBC, Amsterdam, September 2012. In this interview Peter explains the important of having produced a camera with a wide dynamic range, capable of filming 2.5K RAW images. It is this feature, largely, which distingu...


Interchangeable lenses on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT

Plays: 12025 - Duration: 10:16 - Added: 14/09/2012

Mike Tapa of MTF www.mtfservices.com meets up with Stuart Ashton of Blackmagic Design - to investigate using MTF adapters with the, just announced, Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT (micro four thirds.) What they find is that Mike Tapa's MTF adapters fit perfectly to the micro four thirds...


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