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Scott Wright, Filmmaker: working with light

Duration: 12:24 - Added: 30/05/2017

Scott Wright, from Dreamshock Design Studios, is a photographer, filmmaker, web designer, print designer and more. Here we see Scott at work in 3 separate situations, working as a filmmaker and photographer. At the heart of Scott's filmmaking skills are camera movement and lighting -...


Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K: UHD Test Footage

Duration: 02:38 - Added: 30/04/2017

Filmed with URSA Mini with the 4.6K sensor with a Canon 70-200mm F4 lens at 3840 x 2160. This test footage shows what can be achieved with a single operator, working with URSA Mini on location. The footage is straight out of the camera, no grading, cut to together in Final Cut Pro X.


Lighting techniques for Drama based Cinematography (part 2)

Duration: 21:58 - Added: 26/03/2017

Watch Part 1 of this demo at: http://www.moviemachine.tv/video/lighting-techniques-for-drama-based-cinematography-part-1/210099029/ Tim Palmer, Director of Photography, demonstrates key lighting techniques used in drama based cinematography. Tim shows how to use controlled soft light...


Lighting techniques for Drama based Cinematography (part 1)

Plays: 629 - Duration: 23:27 - Added: 26/03/2017

Watch part 2 off this demo at: http://www.moviemachine.tv/video/lighting-techniques-for-drama-based-cinematography-part-2/210100443/ Tim Palmer, Director of Photography, demonstrates key lighting techniques used in drama based cinematography. Tim shows how to use controlled soft lig...


NISI Cinema Filters: Scratch Resistant, Water & Oil Resistant

Duration: 03:51 - Added: 18/12/2016

Interview with Steve Johnson, Director/Producer, Futuristfilm Ltd., about working with NISI filters. These are unique - nano coating provides a surface which is both resistant to scratching, water,and oil. This is demonstrated in this video. NiSi IR ND filters use exclusive dual-side...


RedPro batteries & power: reliable, versatile & affordable

Duration: 08:35 - Added: 18/05/2016

The RedPro battery and power system is versatile and flexible. There is a wide selection of batteries compatible with Sony (NPF & BPU), Panasonic, Canon and JVC cameras. V-lock batteries are also available. Beyond the batteries RedPro also make chargers, with interchangeable plates ...


Matt Davis: understanding Canon C-Log

Duration: 12:14 - Added: 01/04/2016

Recorded live at the Movie Machine Digital Cinema Festival, December 2013, this presentation by Matt Davis shows the extent of Matt's understanding of all things technical, with wonderful insight into his humour and communication skills. Thanks to Matt for such a brilliant presentatio...


Atomos Shogun & Atomos Assassin: 4K recorders & monitors

Plays: 430 - Duration: 14:22 - Added: 02/11/2015

We speak with Jeromy Young, Atomos CEO, about their flagship product, the Shogun, and their latest release, the Atomos Assassin. Recorded at IBC 2015. **Ninja Assassin** The Ninja Assassin extends the legacy of the Atomos Ninja line up in to the realms of 4K UHD and 1080 60p. Combi...



Duration: 02:49 - Added: 05/07/2015

MTF have taken an innovative approach to making it possible to use Canon EF lenses on a range of lens mounts. Due to the electronic aperture featured on the EOS lenses, this means external aperture control is needed. With the Effect Mark 3 controller this takes place wirelessly. The r...


Rodney Charters: BM Pocket Camera, 4K acquisition & Alexa

Plays: 1398 - Duration: 12:27 - Added: 25/11/2014

Rodney Charters, highly regarded director and cinematographer, talks about using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera side-by-side with an Alexa, what 4K acquisition means in "his" world as a high-end cinematographer, and his love for the Alexa, and what it makes this camera special. ...


Tokina Cinema ATX Lenses

Plays: 1276 - Duration: 06:55 - Added: 17/11/2014

Tokina are highly regarded in the photographic world for producing high quality lenses which compete with those of the major manufacturers. Now Tokina turn their attention to the world of cinematography. Their range of cinema lenses currently features 3 zoom lenses: * 11-16mm T3 Wid...


Zeiss: Photographic and Cinema Lenses

Plays: 742 - Duration: 06:14 - Added: 02/10/2014

Zeiss is known in the world of photography and cinematography for producing absolutely first-class lenses. In this interview with Paul Longley, National Sales Manager, UK, for Carl Zeiss Ltd, we specifically focus on what it is which separates the photographic lens from the cinema le...


Phantom Flex 4K - highspeed digital cinema camera

Plays: 570 - Duration: 16:41 - Added: 19/07/2014

Designed for the cinematographer, the Phantom Flex4K is a high-speed camera providing exceptional flexibility through its frame rate capabilities and by adapting to different shooting styles. The super-35mm 4K sensor provides sharp, detailed images with extremely low noise and high dy...


Killer products: Atomos Shogun and Ninja Star

Plays: 2437 - Duration: 17:07 - Added: 02/05/2014

2 of the hot products announced by Atomos at NAB 2014: (i) Shogun - The 4K and HD external recorder with in-built 1920 x 1080 screen. When paired with the newly announced Sony AS7 camera, 4K recording at extremely high quality will be possible (ii) Ninja Star - the $295 HDMI ProRes ...


Filmed with many different cameras... guess which camera filmed which shots

Plays: 619 - Duration: 02:32 - Added: 08/02/2014

The above movie has been filmed with many different camera - from affordable to high-end cameras. Check out the shots and give it your best guess as to which camera has been used to film which shots. email: editor@moviemachine.tv A little bit of information - the following camera...


Rick Young: Why we need RAW, why we need Compressed

Plays: 1589 - Duration: 20:35 - Added: 07/12/2013

Recorded live at the Movie Machine Digital Cinema Festival, Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square, London, December 4, 2013. Featuring footage filmed with: Blackmagic Cinema Camera; Blackmagic Pocket Camera, Sony PMW-F3; Digital Bolex; Canon 5D Mark III recording RAW with Magic Lan...


Movie Machine Digital Cinema Festival, London Dec. 4, 2013

Plays: 1195 - Duration: 03:18 - Added: 25/10/2013

This is a Worldwide Digital Cinema Festival. Submit your entries by Nov. 26 of this year. 1ST PRIZE IS A BLACKMAGIC CINEMA CAMERA courtesy of Holdan **Enter the Movie Machine Digital Cinema Festival** This will be a jam-packed evening showing off the 10 best films submitted to the C...


Red Giant: demo of Bulletproof

Duration: 13:22 - Added: 07/07/2013

BulletProof is a complete media prep and delivery solution for footage that simplifies the tedious tasks facing filmmakers every day on set. Bridging the gap between camera and editor, BulletProof combines all backup, organization, color and delivery tasks while handling footage from ...


Stu Maschwitz previews Bulletproof by Red Giant

Plays: 3896 - Duration: 21:13 - Added: 06/06/2013

Recorded at the NAB SuperMeet, Las Vegas, April 9, 2013. Watch the brilliant presentation by Stu Maschwitz about Red Giant’s new tool for digital filmmakers, Bulletproof. Bulletproof is an organizational tool which enables you to ingest and tag media, color correct on-set, and orga...


Canon XA10: professional AVCHD camcorder

Plays: 1482 - Duration: 05:49 - Added: 15/03/2013

Dean Cleary explains the reasons why the Canon XA10 works for him. Primarily as a second camera, but also as a camera to be used and relied on, particularly for multicamera shoots and for the production of web video. **Canon XA10: key features** * Professional HD video in the palm o...


The Impact of Digital Film Camera Technology (part 1)

Plays: 2158 - Duration: 15:13 - Added: 26/12/2012

Recorded live at BVE North, Manchester, November 13, 2012 (part 1) Watch part 2 of this presentation: http://www.moviemachine.tv/video/the-impact-of-digital-film-camera-technology-part-2/56574859/ In this presentation titled: The Impact of Digital Film Camera Technology, producer/d...


Shooting with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera Part 2: Canon and Nikon lens tests, using external batteries

Plays: 46425 - Duration: 15:34 - Added: 23/11/2012

*I was in Australia when I got my hands on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Footage in this report was filmed in Australia and then later in the UK. The was new unexplored territory. I’d never worked with RAW, the last time I shot film was in 1992, and suddenly, in my hands, was someth...


Canon Cinema EOS: the C500; C300; C100

Plays: 4630 - Duration: 08:41 - Added: 16/10/2012

Featured in this report is a look at three cameras in the Canon Cinema EOS range: the C500, C300 and C100. EOS C500 2 versions are available: one to work with EOS lenses and the other designed for PL mount lenses. This cameras outputs 4K over 3G SDI and delivers the best possible ima...


Interchangeable lenses on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT

Plays: 12025 - Duration: 10:16 - Added: 14/09/2012

Mike Tapa of MTF www.mtfservices.com meets up with Stuart Ashton of Blackmagic Design - to investigate using MTF adapters with the, just announced, Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT (micro four thirds.) What they find is that Mike Tapa's MTF adapters fit perfectly to the micro four thirds...


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