30/05/2017 - Scott Wright, from Dreamshock Design Studios, is a photographer, filmmaker, web designer, print designer and more. Here we see Scott at work in 3 separate situations, working as a filmmaker and photographer. At the heart of Scott's filmmaking skills are camera movement and lighting - harnessing the flexibility of lightweight DSLR and Mirrorless cameras, Scott has honed himself as a filmmaker able to provide high production values across a wide range of projects. Scott's skills are shown off in 3 filming situations. The material is filmed with a Canon 5D Mark III. The following lighting equipment was used: Felloni Bi-Colour LED panels dedolight DLED4 x 2 dedolight Panaura Check out more of Scott’s work at:
LATEST NEWS: - Red Giant Updates Magic Bullet for FCPX - Well, that was fun! As you may have seen already, a recent update to FCPX ended up causing a bug with Previews in Magic Bullet.

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