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Want to take effects to the next level? Filmmaker Anthony Brownmoore and Autodesk’s Marc-André Ferguson will take you behind the scenes on creating REP 5091, an effects-centric short film. Find out why Anthony chose Smoke and how editing and visual effects combined enable better storytelling. Anthony will show off the production and post-production workflow for REP 5091 and how he brought the project to life using Autodesk Smoke.

About Anthony Brownmoore
Anthony has over ten years’ experience in visual effects and post production. He has worked on a range of long and short form, from VFXing international advertising campaigns. In 2011 he was recognised for his significant contribution to the award winning Sunday Times Rich List campaign, picking up four British Arrow awards as Director. His latest venture is VFX supervising and leading on short film, Rep 5091, which was bought to life on his own Smoke 2013. Along with acclaimed motion designer, Allison Brownmoore, they have launched VFX/motion design studio, Blue Spill, and are currently setting up shop in London.

About Marc-André Ferguson
From Marc-André: Director, editor, trainer and consultant, I have been involved in the film and video industry since 1995. After launching Production Imagène, one of Montreal’s first production and postproduction «boutique», I spent the next five years discovering the wonderful world of postproduction.

Since 2000, Luminance has been my springboard for various projects, from traditional directing and editing to visual effects and broadcast design.

Throughout those years, I also got involved with several companies around the world as a consultant and trainer, delivering Apple Certified training across Canada and the US, empowering digital filmmakers as demo artist for RED Digital Cinema and enabling new workflows for broadcasting the Tour de France in Canada, to name a few projects.

In 2008, I was approached by Autodesk to help them port Smoke to the Mac platform, which has been a great success.



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