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Shooting with Steadicam Solo

Plays: 349 - Duration: 09:02 - Added: 26/05/2016

This report was filmed with Steadicam Solo and shows many of the bigger Steadicam's in action, combined with an interview with long-term Steadicam operator/expert, Jerry Holway. Jerry Holway has been a Steadicam operator for 30 years, with many feature film credits including Donnie B...


Steadicam Solo in action

Plays: 1329 - Duration: 32:31 - Added: 30/01/2016

Steadicam Solo is a light-weight, extremely manoeuvrable Steadicam, which can be used in traditional Steadicam fashion with mechanical arm and body vest, or in hand-held configuration where the arm of the operator is used to support and guide the Steadicam. Steadicam Solo is a comple...


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