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Light & Shadow Maker: dedolight DP 2.1 imager

Plays: 674 - Duration: 10:17 - Added: 15/02/2016

The dedolight DP2.1 imager is an attachment which fits onto either the tungsten DLH4 dedolight, or the newer DLED4 dedolight. The is a fantastic piece of equipment with enables light to be focussed onto a tiny area, no bigger than a matchhead, of the imager can be used project slides,...


Lighting tutorial: working with low levels of light; sculpting light precisely with dedolight

Duration: 04:04 - Added: 24/07/2015

The trick with lighting is to create a look without drawing attention to itself. Many times people don't notice the lighting, they notice the filmmaking before them. To light effectively you need to know the tools available and how they work. Working with the many lights in the dedoli...


Tutorial: The Dedo Daylight Cheat

Plays: 484 - Duration: 04:56 - Added: 05/12/2012

In this tutorial Dedo Weigert explains how to balance daylight and tungsten light, a common problem when filming in mixed lighting conditions. Using the innovative approach of covering the lights with fabric to colour balance the lights, this does away with the need to carry gels and ...


Tutorial: The Portable-Studio Lighting Kit

Plays: 418 - Duration: 08:18 - Added: 05/12/2012

The Portable Studio gives you all the power of Dedolight’s award winning lights in a package compact enough for even a one person camera crew. Comparable lighting kits from other manufacturers can weigh three times as much, are more than three times the size and don’t offer the sa...


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