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Dedolight Portable Studio LED

Plays: 652 - Duration: 14:58 - Added: 28/02/2016

Today we will talk about the concept of the Portable Studio in LED lighting. Here we will show an LED dedolight kit with 4 lights, consisting of 2 multi-LED panel lights and 2 focusing dedolights. Combined with the dedolight projector unit, this represents tremendous potential, well-b...


dedolight: in the words of great cinematographers

Plays: 421 - Duration: 27:00 - Added: 14/02/2015

In this 27 minute documentary cinematographers at the highest level talk about dedolight and what it is that separates these lights from other lights on the market. Key cinematographers featured in this documentary: *Billy Williams* - Credits include: Gandhi (Winner Academy Award Ci...


Cinematographers talk about dedolight

Plays: 535 - Duration: 52:22 - Added: 11/04/2014

In this video many different cinematographers talk about the impact of the dedolighting system on their work and the unique qualities dedolights bring to different lighting situations. Featuring cinematographers of all levels, from those working on top level feature films to big bud...


Making of a Photograph

Duration: 01:20 - Added: 06/03/2014

This piece captures the setting up and effort that goes into the creation of a single photograph. Using the dedolight PanAura 7 and several other dedolights, we witness the photographer at work, crafting and sculpting light to bring out the best of the model at the centre of the phot...


Dedolight: precision lighting instruments

Plays: 608 - Duration: 12:09 - Added: 22/01/2013

The Dedo lighting system is highly regarded as being the ideal tool for precise and controlled lighting. These lights have been used for all types of productions from feature films, to televisionm and all types of video production. These Dedolights are also a major force in the worl...


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