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Original Australian Cinesaddle

Duration: 06:33 - Added: 15/05/2016

The first promotional video of the Cinesaddle, the most versatile camera mount in the world.


Story of the Cinesaddle: light-weight camera mount

Plays: 495 - Duration: 09:44 - Added: 07/05/2016

The legendary Cinekinetic Cinesaddle has been on the market for close to 30 years. This has become established as a must have camera accessory, with every mobile production equipment truck in Hollywood having at least one Cinesaddle on-board. The Cinesaddle has been used for many of ...


New York City: Night and Day. Filmed with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Plays: 7245 - Duration: 12:10 - Added: 19/07/2013

I land in New York 4 hours late. Weather held up flights across the US and we were sitting on the tarmac for hours unsure whether we were going to be able to fly or not. The dreaded words that the flight may have to be cancelled had been mentioned. However, luck was with us, and even ...


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