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JUN 2015


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StreamSafe revolutionises video sharing for businesses
>> Ready to Air responds to industry demands, launching secure video streaming and collaboration tool, enabling easier feedback and approval for both content producers and clients

StreamSafe – a fast, secure and easy-to-use video sharing and collaboration service – has today been launched by Ready to Air. StreamSafe is set to transform video sharing for business, providing a solution that simplifies and speeds up the video review and approval process, all within a highly secure environment.

Drawing on years of experience in secure video delivery – for organisations such as Channel 4, ITV, Canal+, and FOX – video delivery specialist Ready to Air is launching StreamSafe to make video sharing and collaboration easier for production professionals and their clients. The service provides a rich set of features to provide crystal clear feedback and enable better management of the video creation process.

“Extensive market research showed an overwhelming need for secure video sharing for business,” commented John Harrington, director of StreamSafe. “Whether producing sensitive corporate material or sharing internal training videos, the professional world lacked a straightforward tool that made this reliably secure and efficient.”

Designed with ease of use in mind, the user interface helps streamline the video project workflow. Content producers can upload, store, and share pre-release video content with minimal effort, while clients can quickly review and provide feedback, all in one place. The ability for viewers to comment on and annotate videos directly makes the review process clearer and faster, improving communications and freeing up valuable time. Business users can also easily share content within their own organisation, enabling a smoother internal sign-off process on video projects.

Production professionals are able to closely monitor feedback and approval through StreamSafes tracking capability, which shows who has watched their content, the time spent watching, and the number of views. Email notifications also enable users to track who has watched their content without even being logged in to StreamSafe.

Harrington continued: “We’re streamlining the video production workflow and redefining collaboration. To produce content effectively, time-poor clients and content producers need to be on the same page, sharing comments and feedback. The key to achieving this balance is a simple tool that each can use swiftly and easily.”

StreamSafe is flexible, it can be accessed from anywhere and is compatible with all devices. It also removes major technical headaches for clients, as theres no need to worry about compatibility and integration, and the stresses of miscommunication, lost or unwatchable material are avoided.

Regardless of industry, the security of video content is paramount. StreamSafe employs a range of advanced security features so that organisations can be confident that their video content is secure, including rigorous encryption, pure streaming, and customisable video content watermarking.

StreamSafe offers monthly subscription options based on the amount of content users share rather than the volume of video material stored in their online library. StreamSafe is free for users who only want to review video or share less than ten minutes of content with two users, and 35 per month allows 90 minutes of video to be shared with up to ten users.

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